Forging Gears

Each element of its gear systems is produced with FORGING PROCESS and removes the
breaking or cutting mistakes encountered in the mechanical relation.

Solid Outer Body

The profile that forms the outer body of product has a positive effect on the
resistance values with its seamless solid structure.

Special Plastic Parts

Special plastic parts with the help of special pigments contained in internal
structure provides resistance against breaking and impact. Thanks to this
feature, it removes the negative conditions such as rusting, abrasion and extends
product life.

Special Grease for Gears

In our products used special grease produces for gears with resistance between –
25/+278°C. Thanks to this grease it extends gears life.

Welding Process Superiority

Thanks to synergic welding machines used in the welding process, all welding
processes has homogeneous and optimum penetration. It helps of special and thus
optimized the installation resistance performance of our products.

Zinc Phosphate Coating

Before painting process, our products coated with zinc phosphate in our full
automatic paint line. Thanks to this feature, it extends paint life against

Coating External Gears Against Rusting

Against rusting we are making special coating for external gears. Thanks to this coating, prevent breaking and abrasion of gears.

Easer Usage

Mechanical transitions are made easy with the special gear modules created from
current gear by GOS production technique. Also a higher working condition with
LESSER force is provided for the lifting operation of the system with this module technique.

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